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Students too often are required to sit, listen and reiterate in the classroom. Outside the classroom, socialization has decreased, as technology has increased. In today’s world, students need more than ever to learn socialization, cooperation and collaboration. Learn how to use the cooperative learning method to teach students how to help each other work together to reach a common goal.

Course Description: This course is geared towards making students more college and career ready.  This can be accomplished by impeding a college/career focus in curriculum, through lessons and by exposing students to different opportunities that foster growth and awareness of the different colleges and careers available.  By schools exposing students to a wide array of supports it will provide students with an opportunity to set individual postsecondary goals for themselves. Furthermore, the course aims to bring the light the different local opportunities, online resources and potential field trips schools can implement within their school.

Course Objectives: 
1. Participants will have knowledge of career online resources and experience navigating these sites.
2. Participants will learn the necessities of early planning for college and career goals and learn to incorporate college and career experiences in their classroom and school.
3. Participants will complete and utilize a career assessment.
4. Identify local resources and opportunities available.
5. Students will be able to identify post secondary aspirations and have knowledge to prepare for the identified pathway.

Lesson Topics: Lesson topics will include:
1. Student Introductions and Experience with College/Career Readiness
2. Defining College/Career Readiness and it’s Affects
3. Identifying Local Resources
4. Ideas on How to Introduce College/Career Topics into the Classroom
5. Introduce the Big Future Website through College Board (Online Resource)
6. Introduce Career Zone and the Importance of a Career Assessment (Online Resource)
7. Developing an Education Plan and Identifying Post-Secondary Goals
8. College/Career Lesson Plan

Forum Participation:
Students will be able to interact with one another through the use of discussion board.  I will post questions throughout the course.  You will need respond to each forum question and then respond to one of your classmates posts.

Participant Outcomes: At the conclusion of the course, teachers will have a variety of creative ideas on how to implement a college/career focus within their classroom. These enhanced opportunities will be aimed to motivated students and in turn students will be able to take a more futuristic approach to their education and life.

Does science get put on the back burner?  Do you feel like there is not enough time in the day to teach science with the Common Core curriculum for math and language arts?  Do you feel like you can’t motivate yourself to teach fun science lessons?  This class will help teachers to make science fun and interesting through incorporating literature and technology into your science curriculum.  Participants will explore articles, multimedia and Internet resources.

This course, taught by an authorized Google Education Trainer, will be focus on the integration of Google Classroom and Google+ Communities into the curriculum.  Participants will collaborate and complete assignments in Google Classroom, and will have the opportunity to set up their own online classrooms to experiment and learn how it works.  The newest features of Google Classroom will be highlighted.  In addition, the class will review how to create a Google+ community.  Teachers can use Google+ communities to collaborate with peers as well as a private forum where students can collaborate, display work, and comment.  Lastly, the class will analyze the following apps: Piktochart, Thinglink, Animoto, EduCanon, and Powtoon.  Reviews of the apps will be shared via Google Classroom and Google+ Communities.

The use of technology in education provides incredible opportunities to engage students in authentic learning, as well as collaborate with peers like never before.  This course, taught by an authorized Google Education Trainer, will cover fundamental knowledge and skills needed by teachers who wish to use the latest technology in the classroom.  This class will focus on Google Apps for Education, as well as many other Web 2.0 applications and websites useful for teachers and students alike.  The course will include hands-on development of websites and educational computer applications for use by teachers, administrators and students.  This course will better prepare educators to attain their Youtube Digital Citizenship certification, as well as help them prepare to attain their Google Educator certification.  

Have you ever wondered what a QR code was, or how you can transform your current lessons into self-teaching documents in the digital age? This online course will help you leverage your current lessons, notes worksheets, homework assignments into the hands of your students. Your students will be empowered to easily use their smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices
to bring your course material to life.

Welcome to this course.  You will be learning a lot of things you did not know about PowerPoint and definitely improve your skills in classroom presentations.

Each topic has one or more lessons and a forum.  All work for each topic is due in the deadlines provided below.

---Lesson 1: Display Devices and When is PowerPoint Best Utilized

---Lesson 2: Creating a simple slide show with no bells and whistles

Topic 2: First Presentation from this Course which You Will Use.

---Lesson 3: Creating a slide show for "Welcome Back to School" Night

Topic 3: Making Presentations More Graphically Pleasing

Lesson 4: Adding image files: Photos and Other Graphics

Topic 4: Beginning Special Effects

---Lesson 5: Inserting Images into PowerPoint, Part II

---Lesson 6: More formatting and Beginning Special Effects

Topic 5: Running Slide Shows Manually and Automatically

---Lesson 7: Practicing Timing an Automatic Slide Show and Not Using Automatic Timing, as Needed

---Lesson 8: Custom Animation

Topic 6: Everything You Ever Need to Understand Charts

---Lesson 9: Assignment 9: Creating Charts

---Lesson 10: Assignment 10: Presentation for the Classroom Using a Chart

Topic 7: Creating More Chart Types and More Presentations

---Lesson 11: Another Presentation for the Classroom

Topic 8: Advanced Features

---Lesson 12: Another Classroom Presentation

Topic 9: More Advanced Features and Formatting

---Lesson 13: Formatting Charts and Electronic Chalk

---Lesson 14: Adding Sound, Creating Hyperlinks, and Saving for the Web

---Lesson 15: Adding Video, Creating Hyperlinks, and Saving for the Web

Topic 10: Final Work

---Final Exam and Timesheet Submission

Welcome to "Excelling with Microsoft Excel".  The syllabus with deadlines is found at the end of this message.

There are ten main topics and 15 specific lessons.  Each lesson has an assignment for you to complete.  Most assignments involve submission of work in Excel.  When Word is utilized as well, it is typically utilized for you to send feedback or answers through the Word document format.  In one of our lessons, Word is used in coordination with Excel to produce a multi-page document which brings data from Excel into Word. Therefore, you need to have Word and Excel, and since almost everyone who has Excel has a Microsoft Office suite that includes Word, this should present no issue. 

Please let me know through "messaging" which version of Excel yo have.  This can be seen when the first screen displays as Excel is loading.  If you are not sure, let me know that as well, and I will help you figure it out.

The instructions are for all versions including very old versions that still exist in some schools.  I work painstakingly to try to have as much clarification as possible in the instructions, but lease do not hesitate to send me a message if you are confused.  You could also e-mail me at scopeinstructor@optonline.net.

The first two lessons are posted under Topic 1.

Files needed for this course are e-mailed to you in the first week.  Hence, send me an e-mail in the first week of this course so that I ahve the correct e-mail address you would like to use for this course, when needed. Once I receive your e-mail, I will send you the files. Utilize them by name when the lesson in a specific topic asks for you to use that file by name.

I wish you the best throughout the course.


Syllabus for "Excelling with Microsoft Excel"

Topic 1: Introduction: All work for this topic is due by July 7, 11:59 p.m.

---Lesson 1: Navigating spreadsheets and Often-Used Terminology

---Lesson 2: Basic Data Manipulation

Topic 2: Setting up a Simple Record Book for Routine Adminsitrative Tasks

---Lesson 3: Basic Formulas

Topic 3: Creating and Working with Templates

---Lesson 4: Using Templates for Greater Efficiency

Topic 4: Setting up a Gradebook in Excel

---Lesson 5: Creating the Gradebook You Want

---Lesson 6: Formatting the Gradebook, and Accessing Statistical Results Quickly

Topic 5: Practice with Simple Charts

---Lesson 7: Deciding on the Correect Charts for Your Data, and Creating Them

Topic 6: Everything You Ever Need to Understand Better about Pie Charts

---Lesson 8: Pie Chart Creation and Formatting

Topic 7: Creating More Chart Types

---Lesson 9: Advanced Charting and Chart Formatting

Topic 8: Advanced Functions and Formulas

---Lesson 10: Using Excel for Minutia, Including Rational Numbers

---Lesson 11: Advanced Charting

---Lesson 12: Explaining the Charts as a Teacher Would Need to Do

Topic 9: Advanced Features

---Lesson 13: Mail Merging Between Word and Excel

---Lesson 14: Sharing Data Between Workbooks

Topic 10: Final Work

--Lesson 15: Submission of timesheet and course evaluation

This is an introductory course for SCOPE users on Moodle.  Moodle is a course management system.