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This course will explore how integrating the arts between subjects (specifically Mathematics and Science Curriculum) would help teachers and students make connections between those subjects with use of higher analytical thinking, reasoning and ultimately student voice. The ideology that learning through Socratic-like/multidimensional lessons would lead to revelations and progress across the curriculum and help foster an individual who possesses the life skills needed for a more creative economy.

Course Description: This course is geared towards making students more college and career ready.  This can be accomplished by impeding a college/career focus in curriculum, through lessons and by exposing students to different opportunities that foster growth and awareness of the different colleges and careers available.  By schools exposing students to a wide array of supports it will provide students with an opportunity to set individual postsecondary goals for themselves. Furthermore, the course aims to bring the light the different local opportunities, online resources and potential field trips schools can implement within their school.

Course Objectives: 
1. Participants will have knowledge of career online resources and experience navigating these sites.
2. Participants will learn the necessities of early planning for college and career goals and learn to incorporate college and career experiences in their classroom and school.
3. Participants will complete and utilize a career assessment.
4. Identify local resources and opportunities available.
5. Students will be able to identify post secondary aspirations and have knowledge to prepare for the identified pathway.

Lesson Topics: Lesson topics will include:
1. Student Introductions and Experience with College/Career Readiness
2. Defining College/Career Readiness and it’s Affects
3. Identifying Local Resources
4. Ideas on How to Introduce College/Career Topics into the Classroom
5. Introduce the Big Future Website through College Board (Online Resource)
6. Introduce Career Zone and the Importance of a Career Assessment (Online Resource)
7. Developing an Education Plan and Identifying Post-Secondary Goals
8. College/Career Lesson Plan

Forum Participation:
Students will be able to interact with one another through the use of discussion board.  I will post questions throughout the course.  You will need respond to each forum question and then respond to one of your classmates posts.

Participant Outcomes: At the conclusion of the course, teachers will have a variety of creative ideas on how to implement a college/career focus within their classroom. These enhanced opportunities will be aimed to motivated students and in turn students will be able to take a more futuristic approach to their education and life.

This course, taught by an authorized Google Education Trainer, will be focus on the integration of Google Classroom and Google+ Communities into the curriculum.  Participants will collaborate and complete assignments in Google Classroom, and will have the opportunity to set up their own online classrooms to experiment and learn how it works.  The newest features of Google Classroom will be highlighted.  In addition, the class will review how to create a Google+ community.  Teachers can use Google+ communities to collaborate with peers as well as a private forum where students can collaborate, display work, and comment.  Lastly, the class will analyze the following apps: Piktochart, Thinglink, Animoto, EduCanon, and Powtoon.  Reviews of the apps will be shared via Google Classroom and Google+ Communities.

The use of technology in education provides incredible opportunities to engage students in authentic learning, as well as collaborate with peers like never before.  This course, taught by an authorized Google Education Trainer, will cover fundamental knowledge and skills needed by teachers who wish to use the latest technology in the classroom.  This class will focus on Google Apps for Education, as well as many other Web 2.0 applications and websites useful for teachers and students alike.  The course will include hands-on development of websites and educational computer applications for use by teachers, administrators and students.  This course will better prepare educators to attain their Youtube Digital Citizenship certification, as well as help them prepare to attain their Google Educator certification.  

This is an introductory course for SCOPE users on Moodle.  Moodle is a course management system.